About Us

Front of buildingThe Hugh Garner Housing Co-op is a community of 181 homes in a nine story apartment building. We offer convenient modern features such as:

  • Brazilian parquet flooring
  • In-suite storage and ample closet space
  • Cable TV (currently with Rogers Cable)
  • Heating individually controlled and metered
  • Member controlled entry
  • Underground parking & bike parking available
  • Unlike conventional apartment buildings, Hugh Garner's penthouse suites provide a recreational space for the co-op members, they include:
  1. Large Party Room with kitchen & gas BBQ
  2. Garden Room
  3. Play Room

A Green Roof terrace and view of our beautiful garden grown by our own Gardening Committee!

We are located at 550 Ontario Street which is on the corner of Ontario Street and Prospect Street.  

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