Apply to the Co-op


[Updated June 23, 2016]: The waiting list is currently closed; we are not accepting applications at this time. Please check back at a later date.

  • There is no subsidy available through Hugh Garner.  Anyone wishing to apply for assistance must go through Housing Connections.


How to Apply:

(Note: the waiting list is currently closed; please check back at a later date if you want to apply for a unit.) Please complete the application form (available from this page when we are accepting applications), including the section on commitment to participation.

Return these, along with your income verification and application fee of $25.00 (cheque, money order & ATM). Mail or drop off to the following address:

550 Ontario Street , Toronto, Ontario  M4X 1X3

Once your application is received, the Co-op will review it to ensure that it is complete. A credit and landlord check with be conducted.  Members of the Membership Committee will interview all the adult members of your household and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board will review the recommendation and make a final decision, which you will be informed of in writing. If accepted, your name will be placed on the external waiting list.

Please note that the co-op does not have funds available to provide subsidies.  

The external subsidized waiting list is through Housing Connections.  If you require assistance you must apply.  The contact information is 416-981-6111 or Hugh Garner can be found on Map #261.

If you have any questions please call the office during business hours at 416-927-0407.

The following information helps clarify what information is requested and why. Please read carefully before filling out the application.

Please print legibly!

1. Applicant  Information -  Each adult (16 years of age or older) who will be part of your household is an applicant. The reason for listing all applicants is that all adults must apply for status in the Co-op.

2. Household Information - Specify the size of unit that you would prefer as well as your second choice if you have one.

                                     1 bedroom - Minimum 1 people, Maximum 2 people 

                                     2 bedroom - Minimum 2 people, Maximum 4 people

                                     3 bedroom - Minimum 3 people, Maximum 6 people

                                     4 bedroom - Minimum 4 people, Maximum 8 people

Specify the type, and the number of pets that you own. No household may have more than two dogs or 2 cats (or 1 of each) for a maximum of 2 pets.  The Co-op reserves the right to disallow any pet or variety of pets if it is deemed to be potentially dangerous.

3. Accommodation History

If you own your present accommodation, please fill out the section on ownership. Include your estimated monthly housing costs.   If you rent your present accommodation, please fill out the section on rental. List the amount you pay each month for services not included in your rent, such as parking, utilities, etc.

4. Household Income- Please complete this section for each member of your household who earns an income. Attach an additional sheet if there are more than two income earners. Total the earnings from all sources and specify the combined household income.

Proof of income must accompany each completed application. See this page for a description of acceptable Proof of Income as required by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

5. Participation and General Information

This information will help the Membership Committee to anticipate the contribution that your household will make to the co-op community.

Please read, and make sure that you understand all of page 7 of the application. 


(1) Fill out the application completely, including information for co-applicants and other members of your household where appropriate.

(2) Include your application fee of $25.00 per household (cheque or money order but we do offer interact during business hours, NO cash or credit cards), and send it with your application to the Co-op.

(3) Include the necessary income verification and status in Canada.

(4) Ensure that the application is signed by all applicants.